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Thought id pop my new journal on here

My last scape was an iwagumi and i'd bought this black lava from a local quarry a while back which I wanted to use to create soemthing different. I had an idea of a cliff but with lots of ferns. I had though about adding wood but wanted to try it without for now to see how it got on. Its got lots of votes of being a reef setup on a ukaps thread but i can assure you theres no salt in there :)

Here are the specs

Hardscape: Black Lava Rock
Co2: Pressurised via glass diffuser
Lighting: ADA Solar 1 - 150w NA Green
Filtration: Tetratec EX1200, hydor koralia 1
Heating: Hydor 300W External heater
Substrate: ADA Nile Sand with ADA Amazonia within the lava. Clay balls to bulk up the big gaps
Ferts per day: 15ml TPN+ and TPN the next day
Critters: Red Cherry Shrimp
plants to include - Ferns, tennelus, hairgrass, fissidens, mosses

Initial hardscape



Most of the planting done

Day 1 - planted

top left after 2 weeks.


Bottom right with graded lava rock


A view up the path. Path needs cleaning!


Left view up the path. Path still needs cleaning..


Front view (ignore the co2 drop checker colour, the liquid needs changing)


At the moment im continuing with lots of water changes to keep the algae at bay and im planning to get some HC to stick in the gaps when at my LFS next.

Nguồn: http://www.aquascapingworld.com/threads/90x45x45cm-unknown-name.3991/

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